Laser measurement and laser alignment

We can offer you a wide range of services witin laser alignment and laser measurement, and we work in the shipindustry as well as other indusries.

We offer:

  • Line measurements and alignment on: sterntubes, crankshaftjornals, bearingseat foundations etc.
  • Shaft measurement and alignment on: main engines, gearboxes, genorators, electric engines, flanges etc.
  • Geometric measurement and alignment: engine foundations crane coloum flanges, krane house fanges , landing surefaces windmill flanges etc.
  • Belt measurement and alignment: genorators, electric engines etc.
  • Jack up measurements: Propulsion Plants Gearboxes, diesel engines etc.
  • Vibration measurement: Propulsion plants Gearboxes Engines etc.

There is a lot of other applications what we can offer you, please dont hesitate to ask us, we will find a solution.

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